You Have To Mobile In 2017

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Did you utilize digital in 2016?

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Unicode Provides World With Early Holiday Surprise

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How To: Facebook Data Mining

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Digital Climate Change is Real

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Facebook Competitor Insights

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Understanding Value

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All Work & Some Play

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Expanding with Enthusiasm in 2016

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Mid-America Science Museum Expands Space, Launches March 7

If you grew up in Arkansas starting in the late 1970s to today, you probably took a trip to Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In fact, you most likely touched the Tesla coil to make your hair stand on end.

The Tesla coil is back, and the Mid-America Science Museum has added many more fascinating exhibits and interactive displays. A favorite school field trip and summer break destination, Mid-America Science Museum has undergone a physical and brand renovation, and visitors can see the new center when it opens on Saturday, March 7. For those who can’t make the trip to Hot Springs by the weekend, visit the new website at, which Mass Enthusiasm in Little Rock designed.

Tesla Coil at Mid-America Museum

According to the museum, its staff worked with Exploratorium in San Francisco to create 12 exhibits you can only find at Mid-America as well as 21 new displays for the museum.  In addition, the museum will debut two new features, including the Bob Wheeler Science Skywalk, which takes visitors into the canopy of the surrounding forest, and the Oaklawn Foundation Digital Dome Theater, which projects in 180-degrees science and space exploration films throughout the day.

In 2011, the Mid-America Science Museum was awarded a $7.8 million capital grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation to renovate the museum’s building and exhibits. The renewed Mid-America Science Museum will offer stronger connections between science and the museum visitors’ everyday lives. With the expansion, the museum will be able to strengthen its educational mission by appealing to visiting children and their families, while offering expanded learning opportunities for teachers and surrounding school systems.

Visitors at Mid-America Science Museum

To learn more about Mid-America Science Museum and all the hair-raising, space-exploring, science-based experiences it can provide, visit the new site at You also can follow the museum on Facebook, Twitter @MidAmericaScien, Pinterest, and Instagram @midamericamuseum.

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