You Have To Mobile In 2017

In 2017 many of your website views will come from smaller screens. With more and more people browsing the web on their phones instead of their desktop, it is important to make sure that your business has a solid online presence.   In his post S...

Did you utilize digital in 2016?

Here at Mass Enthusiasm, we understand that you may not have time to do the work or analyze the data to help your business gr...

Unicode Provides World With Early Holiday Surprise

Stop the presses, quit your politics! The most important news of the year is here! The new Emoji 10.2 concept updates have...

How To: Facebook Data Mining

Quicklinks: Things You WIll Need Facebook Graph API Explorer Facebook Fan Page ID Extracting the Data   ...

Digital Climate Change is Real

Whoever said, “some things never change,” obviously never had an Instagram account. In fact, here at Mass, we’d...

Facebook Competitor Insights

Below is a link to view the Facebook Competitor Insight Deck from the Social Media Interactive Conference.  Facebook ...

Understanding Value

Recently I spoke with a client about the keys to running a profitable business. We talked about product and service quality, ...

iPhone 7: The Future of Marketing

In the world of Digital Marketing, it’s important to keep up with new products and trends in the tech world. The new iP...

All Work & Some Play

When I was a child, one of my favorite things to do was go to the movies. I see that same excitement on my own children today...

Expanding with Enthusiasm in 2016

LITTLE ROCK, AR (July 28, 2016) – Mass Enthusiasm, a full-service digital advertising agency in Little Rock, recently hired...

Jacklyn Carroll Joins Mass Enthusiasm as Developer

Jacklyn Carroll

Mass Enthusiasm, a full-service digital marketing communications agency in Little Rock, recently hired Jacklyn Carroll as a web developer.

Jacklyn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Memphis in 2013 and graduated this year from The Iron Yard in a boot camp for front-end development. She works in the technology development team at Mass Enthusiasm building web applications in PHP/Laravel. Jacklyn is a native and current resident of Little Rock.

“Jacklyn joined us just as we finished out our additional office space,” said Chris McMillen, owner and CEO of Mass Enthusiasm. “She has already hit the ground running, and she fits into our culture seamlessly. In this year of growth for us, we’ve added three digital marketing professionals and are looking to hire at least one more. We are looking for the new hire to have as much self-motivation and skill as Jacklyn.”

For more information about Mass Enthusiasm, contact Kelli Reep, public relations director at 501-821-8746, 501-766-1260 cell or

About Mass Enthusiasm

Mass Enthusiasm, Inc. is a full-service digital design and marketing firm specializing in extending and propelling an organization’s market reach by creating consistent and effective brand campaigns. By carrying out consistent creative through various channels, we are able to build brand loyalty, awareness and reach for our clients. For more information, visit

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