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Bark Branding

Growing up just outside of a small town in south Arkansas, my family didn’t always have the modern conveniences the “big city” of Little Rock offered, but we had space. 15 acres of yard, pasture, and woods that glistened with excitement and hidden play areas every time the sun came out. While we loved that space, it wasn’t just ours, it was also shared by our dogs. Our household never had just one pet; sometimes we’d have one dog, other times we’d have closer to 10. They never stayed inside nor were they fenced up—they ran free like our family believed yard dogs were supposed to do. 

Flash forward to present day where I’m now living in Little Rock. I can’t even fathom the idea of having enough space for one animal to run around in my home, much less a horde of dogs and puppies. Space is vital to an animals well being and any good pet parent knows daily exercise is what will create your dogs good/bad habits.

Recently, some of our Inthooz staff had the opportunity to work with a local business to help re-brand, and one of their main attractions? All of the land. 

Canine Country Club came to the Inthooz team needing a new logo that reflected the amazing services and people that club members had grown to love. We first started our rebranding mission by taking a field trip out to Canine Country Club’s 4.5 acre location to understand the pet experience. 

15 acres of yard, pasture, and woods that glistened with excitement and hidden play areas every time the sun came out.

The first thing I noticed was how much space was available for these pets - quickly followed the lack of typical kennel-like smell. I mean, even with all the land I grew up on, having that many dogs usually meant some interesting smells were bound to appear. But no, this place was clean. After the tour and meeting with the enthusiastic owners and staff, myself and the rest of the Inthooz team were inspired and ready to start working.

Several things go into a making a logo, but I always see research as one of the most important, so that’s where I started. I researched dogs, breeds, boarding, colors, and fell down the rabbit hole so far I ended up researching Queen Elizabeth (long story). After heavy research, I landed on a color palette that I though was perfectly fitting for the company featuring shades of dark blue, white, yellow and gold. I decided on these colors because dogs are color color blind can only see in these various shades.

Once we had a color palette and a brand identity determined, we went to work on design. Our team went through so many ideas. Just myself alone came up with roughly 40 logo concepts, and actively worked on 15. 

Our team went back and forth with the client in an effort to find a mark that perfectly represented what the Canine Country Club stood for while also allowing room for brand growth. One of the things our team wanted to highlight most in the new re-brand was what inspired the Canine Country Club to begin with. We found that inspiration from founder and owner, Anita Sedberry, when she began talking about her Golden Retriever because for her, that was where it all began. From that, the Inthooz design team ended up incorporating a minimal outline of a Golden Retriever, housed in an abstract “C” to represent their business initials and is also reminiscent of a dog tag. We decided to use clean, modern text to help represent that this is a place for your pet, but it’s not just any place. 

The new logo exudes the attitude of a luxury resort (country club, per-say) while clearly understanding it’s for your pet—because at the end of the day, your pet deserves pampering as much as you.

While I may never own enough property to justify having a horde of puppies again, if I ever decide to get a dog or two for the family, I know exactly where they’ll be spending their days and vacations.


While showing my progress to all my kiddos, the oldest one, Tessa, decided she could come up with something way better than I had. She sketched it out and then I brought it into Illustrator and turned her sketch into a real logo-like illustration. I’m including it below, because I think it’s awesome.

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Jason Rogers

Art Director

May 24,2016

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Expanding with Enthusiasm in 2016